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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Michael Gallagher and I am an Associate Professor of Finance at St. Bonaventure University. I earned a PhD. in Economics from Fordham University in May 2015. My research interests are primarily in Financial Economics along with high performance computing methods in Finance and Econometrics. I received a B. S. in Finance some time ago, and have enjoyed a lengthy successful career trading capital markets. I traded bond futures in Europe and the equity derivatives markets in the United States. Sensing that capital markets were becoming more and more driven by quantitative analysis, I returned to University and obtained a M.S. in Mathematics. As a post traditional student I discovered an enthusiasm for learning which I was unable to appreciate as a younger student. Continuing from the Math degree into the Economics PhD. program, I discovered the rewards of teaching. I feel privileged to bring my business and Financial experience along with a passion for learning into the class room. Hopefully I bring a positive influence to the lives of my students.

In the summer I live in southern Connecticut with my wife Angela. We enjoy hiking and camping in New England, and sailing up and down Long Island Sound in our boat Enigma.


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