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Business Resumé

Michael J. Gallagher
Economics Department
Fordham University
Bronx, NY 10458
203 543 6871



Visiting Instructor at Fairfield University seeking to further develop a career in academia as a vibrant and effective teacher with a healthy research program. Following a successful trading career in capital markets, including extensive experience in global futures, equities, and derivative markets, returned to university in 2005 while in a role as financial advisor with UBS. Upon graduation from the M.S. Mathematics program from Fairfield University, entered the Fordham University PhD. Economics program. Now in the ‘all but dissertation’ stage of the Phd. Program.


Fairfield University                                                                                                                             2013-Present

Teaching Microeconomics Macroeconomics


  • Full Time Visiting Instructor                                                                                                         2014 - 2015

  • Adjunct Professor                                                                                                                         2013 - 2014

Fordham University                                                                                                                           2009 - 2014

Senior Teaching Fellow / PhD. Candidate Economics


  • Instructor of Microeconomics/Macroeconomics, organize and structure coursework, present lectures,

      provide individual guidance to students, create and administer examinations.

  • Engage in individual and original research on dissertation: Research interests include nonparametric

      modeling in finance, risk assessment and volatility in the market place.

UBS Financial Services Inc., Stamford, Ct.                                                                                     2005 – 2007

Financial Advisor with UBS Wealth Management Americas.


  • Develop and present asset allocation recommendations to existing and prospective clients.

  • Combine experience and skills in the financial industry with the array of products and services available

      at UBS to help clients achieve their financial goals.

  • Assist individuals with personal financial planning, and businesses with complex financial solutions for

      retirement plans, cash management, and investments.

  • Organize and present seminars on investing and financial planning.

Proprietary Trader                                                                                                                             2002 - 2005

Manna Trading, LLC Darien, Ct.
Atlas Trading, LLC New York, N.Y

Independent trader working with privately financed trading groups to trade the spread relationship between
different maturities in the U.S. yield curve, and trend trade the U.S. equity markets.


  • Traded and captured inefficiencies in the spread relationships in U.S. Interest Rate derivatives markets.

  • Utilized and assisted in the development of a pricing matrix to establish yield curve value in two, five,

      and ten year Treasury note futures.

  • Position traded and day-traded NYSE mid-cap equity products on various electronic trading platforms.

Nordic Options LLC, New York, NY                                                                                                  2000-2001

Developed and implemented an equity derivative arbitrage trading strategy for the firm.


  • Developed and implemented an index basket arbitrage trading strategy for the firm, capturing price

      discrepancies between custom baskets of equities and Exchange Traded Funds and futures contracts.

  • Utilized optimization and risk management programs such as BARRA to create, optimize, and arbitrage

      custom equity baskets against derivatives such as exchange traded funds or futures contracts.

  • Isolated and executed arbitrage opportunities in the listed and OTC equities and derivatives markets.

  • Worked with programmers to develop an optimum trading platform on FLEXTRADE with respect to

      execution and transaction costs.

Independent Trader                                                                                                                           1992-2000

Juno LTD, London
Marquette Partners LLC, London

Working with small independent proprietary trading firms, traded the arbitrage relationship in the European
Government Bond Futures Markets.


  • Responsible for the development and implementation of arbitrage profit centers in the European

      Government Bond Futures markets.

  • Pioneered the industry standard of contracting with a broker exclusively, thereby creating the

      philosophy of a team effort while at the same time dramatically reducing trading costs.

  • Arbitrage trader in the five and ten year German government bond futures markets between London and

      Frankfurt. Annualized net profits in excess of $1 million.

  • Arbitrage trader in the ten year Italian government bond futures markets between London and Milan.

      Annualized net profits in excess of $1 million.

Various operational roles.                                                                                                                Prior to 1992

In New York and London:

  • Ensured optimal capital utilization while minimizing risk exposure for the firm.

  • Developed and implemented spreadsheet applications to analyze margins and risk. Managed a $100

      million Treasury bill portfolio.

  • Successful implementation of clearing and settlements for the Matif Bourse trading operation in Paris.


Phd. Candidate: Economics
M.A. Economics
Fordham University
New York, N. Y.

M.S. Mathematics – Certificate in Financial Mathematics
B.S. Finance
Fairfield University
Fairfield, Connecticut

Matlab, R, Excel, VBA, Barra, Bloomberg, Reuters –
U.S. & E.U. Citizenship


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